Revelation 3:7-13
by Brent Karding
Jesus promises eternal life to those who overcome; therefore, cling to the gospel and preach it to others.
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John 4:1-42
by Austin Ibarra
Jesus knows who you are, he knows your needs, and offers eternal life. Trust Him.
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Matthew 7:13-14
by Jonathan-Alexis Paramore
It is worth it to take a road that leads to suffering in this life, if at the end of the path you find eternal life
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John 8:21-30
by Sujay Thomas
"You will know that I AM."
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James 1:12-15
by Yong Yang
The promise of the approved: Eternal Life
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by Benjamin Holvey
Jesus is the only way to eternal life with the Father.
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Romans 10:14-21
by Christian Giesbrecht
Israel disobeyed and rejected God's compassion to save. Please don't do the same mistake. Receive God's gift of eternal life in Christ.
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John 3:1-21
by Christian Giesbrecht
Believe Jesus and receive eternal life.
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James 1
by Baxter633
Those whose faith endures through trials will receive eternal life from the loving and faithful God of the gospel.
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1 Peter 1:22-23
by Carolyn Lane
Eternal life has not only secured our relationship with God but with other children of God - love them and tend to those relationships.
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