by Andrew F Rivera
Not Your Personality, but His Person
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Mark 1:1-15
by Brent Karding
Jesus, the Father's Spirit-filled Son, inaugurated God's kingdom.
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Acts 17:22-34
by Crane.Godwin
Paul's Preaching at Athens
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Colossians 1:24-2:5
by Adnan
The goal of our preaching is to present every man complete in Christ to Christ for Christ.
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Philippians 1:29-2:3
by Juan Pablo Monteagudo
Delighting in the preaching of Christ and the communion of the saints.
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1 Timothy 5:17-25
by Adnan
As leaders let us work hard at preaching and teaching.
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Matthew 10:5-20
by Benjamin Holvey
The kingdom of heaven draws near with (+) preaching and power but also (–) prophecy and persecution.
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2 Timothy 3:16-4:5
by p1lgr1m.one
Why did Paul command Timothy, his apprentice pastor, to preach the Word?
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2 Timothy 4:2
by Quits Sabio
Herald the word even if your life is at stake
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Nehemiah 8:1-18
by Paul Etterling
Preaching must be centered on the Word of God.
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