Ordo Salutis
Ephesians 1:3-14
Ephesians' articulation of the process of salvation gives God all the glory  at every point.
Published March 16th, 2019
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Ephesians bible study Outline of Ephesians I. Ephesians' order of salvation 1:3-14 1. Called Before: ELECTION 1:4 a. Time of Election 1:4a b. Aim of God's election: 1:4b 2. Called By : PREDESTINATION 1:4-6 a. Underlying foundation: 1:5b b. Purpose of predestination: 1:6 3. Called To: IDENTIFICATION 1:4-6 a. For what we are called for? 1:4,5,6 b. By Jesus Christ to Himself c. In Him, Before Him, To Himself 1:4,5,6 4. Called Out: REDEMPTION 1:4,7 a. Restatement of redemption 1:7b b. Foundation of his forgiveness 1:7c c. Way of bestowing grace 1:8 5. Called From: SANCTIFICATION 1:4-6 a. Foundation of sanctification 1:4a, 1:5b b. Purpose of sanctification 1:6 6. Called Under: REVELAT1ON 1:9 a. Basis of revelation: 1:9b b. What is the mystery? Unification 1:10 7. Called For: UNIFICATION 1:10 a. Objects of unification: All things in heaven and on earth 1:10c b. Intermediary of unification: Christ 1:10b 7. Called Unto: GLORIFICATION 1:11-12 a. We have obtained what? Glorious Inheritance 1:11 b. Basis of glorification: 1:12 8: Called With: SECURITY/GUARANTEE 1:13-14 a.Conditions of Security 1:13b b. Guarantee of inheritance: Holy Spirit 1:13c c.Purpose of security 1:14
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