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Colossians 1:1-4:18
You have been rescued IF...
Published April 5th, 2021
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Main point summary
Main point summary
You were dead in sin, but Jesus has reconciled you to Himself through the cross, IF you continue in the faith.
Colossians 1:21-23
And although you were a formerly alienated
And were formerly estranged from God...enemies of God...children of wrath even as the rest
and hostile in mind,
and you were Romans 8:7 hostile toward God and the things of God...your mind did not accept a LORD...It Romans 1:18ff suppressed the truth of God and exchanged the glory of God for other things,
engaged in evil deeds,
and yes you used to be engaged in evil deeds...committing sins as a result of your sinful nature,
yet He has now a reconciled you
YET...even though that was true of you...Jesus has now reconciled you to Himself (brought you into loving relationship with Himself)
in His fleshly b body
in his humanity...his bodily flesh
through death,
through death of His HUMAN body (This is why Jesus had to be fully human...SO HE COULD DIE!) He was fully God, and thus He was infinitely worthy. He became fully human and fully God so that He could He could have one hand on humanity and one hand on God and be the perfect mediator!
in order to c present you before Him d holy
and He did this reconciling for the purpose of making us a pure bride for HIM! See Ephesians 5... He was presenting us HOLY for Himself...we are a people for His own possession!
and blameless
and blameless in our practical lives through Spirit empowered sanctification
and beyond reproach—
and beyond reproach through Spirit empowered sanctification
if indeed you continue in 1 the faith
IF...IF... HUGE IF... we continue in faith (1 Peter 1)... the evidence that God has reconciled us is SUSTAINED FAITH in the gospel...sustained trust in Him!
firmly a established and steadfast,
firmly set and solidified and anchored consistently and chronically trusting Jesus and believing the gospel,
and not moved away from the b hope of the gospel
not moved away from believing the gospel through drifting into worldliness or into false practices or seeking to be justified by religious works (as seen in the upcoming chapter).
that you have heard,
this gospel that you have heard from Epaphras
which was proclaimed
this gospel that has been proclaimed
c in all creation
in all creation
under heaven,
under heaven
d and of which I, Paul, 2 was made a 3 e minister.
this gospel of which I, Paul, was made a minister
I don't believe Paul means...Christ's holiness here.. I believe he means our own holiness...(not perfection) but out own holiness of life in obedience to Christ.
What does Paul mean here... does Paul really believe the gospel has already at this point been proclaimed in all creation under heaven??? In what sense?
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