Psalm 50:8-15
What Can We Give to God?
Published November 7th, 2018; Updated November 8th, 2018
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Pay Your Vows to God
Main point summary of Psalm 50:8-15
Pay Your Vows to God
What do we mean when we say things like, "I want to serve God", or "I want to do this thing for God", or "I want to live for God"? What our minds conceive as we say those words determines whether our lives honor God or dishonor God. Two people can be serving the poor under the same underpass, scooping out of the same pot of soup and one can be TOTALLY DISHONORING GOD and the other can be GLORIFYING HIS HOLY NAME! How is that possible??? This passage makes it clear and is an AMAZING passage that reveals the nature of faith and the heart and mind that honors God! In the mind of Israel, they think and feel that they are meeting God's needs by giving Him animals from their flock as sacrifices as directed by God in His Law. God knows their hearts and helps them understand one of the most fundamental truths of existence and God and how we relate to Him. God explains to them that it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to ever GIVE God anything He doesn't already own and have immediate access to. He owns every creature and every galaxy! He owns our money. He owns our clothes. He owns our house. He owns our minds. He owns our family. He owns our skills. He owns our spiritual gifts. HE OWNS EVERYTHING! What then? How do we honor God or give to Him? God makes it clear! We utterly and totally live in dependence on Him !!! We cry out to Him! We NEVER put ourselves in the position of GIVER TO HIM!!! Like a child, we humbly call out to Him for help! We offer Him our dependence on Him! Guess what!!! He will hear our prayers and answer us! We will give Him thanks, and the NAME OF GOD WILL BE GLORIFIED!!! All the while we know that ALL of His benefits toward us were purchased by Jesus! Pay your vows to God!!! Cry out to Him for help and He will answer you, and His name will be glorified!!! 12 What shall I render to the Lord For all His benefits toward me? 13 I shall lift up the cup of salvation And call upon the name of the Lord . 14 I shall pay my vows to the Lord , Oh may it be in the presence of all His people. Psalms 116:12-14 NASB
Main point summary of Psalm 50:8-15
Anything we can ever think that we are giving to God was ALREADY HIS! God does not need anything!!! He is totally free and self sufficient! We MUST come to realize that GOD is ALWAYS the giver and we are ALWAYS the receiver! THEREFORE, the way we HONOR and GLORIFY God is by CALLING ON HIM and utterly and totally DEPENDING on HIM! When we approach Him and know Him in this way, HE WILL HEAR OUR CRY and ANSWER US!!!!! AND GOD WILL BE GLORIFIED and HONORED as He works powerfully on our behalf and shows the universe His power toward those whom He loves in Christ!!!
Psalms 50:8-15
“I do a not reprove you for your sacrifices,
I am not angry with you or correcting you because you offer me animal sacrifices. I gave you that system to point to the LAMB OF GOD!
And your burnt offerings are continually before Me.
And, I see that you consistently offer me animal sacrifices and grain offerings just like I specified in my Law.
“I shall take no a young bull out of your house Nor male goats out of your folds.
BUT even though that is true, you need to understand that I'm not receiving sacrifices out of YOUR estate or YOUR property. DO NOT HAVE THIS HEART!!! CORRECT THIS IN YOUR MIND! YOU ARE NOT GIVING ME ANYTHING!
“For a every beast of the forest is Mine,
BECAUSE, every single animal on the planet is MINE ALREADY!
The cattle on a thousand hills.
Every cow on a thousand hills spread all over the world is MINE!
“I know every a bird of the mountains,
I know and own every bird on the planet even to the remotest mountain top where no human has ever set foot!
And everything that moves in the field is 1 Mine.
Every single insect, plant, animal, EVERY CREATURE is ALREADY MINE including the ones in your pasture!
“If I were hungry
If I [GOD] happened to get hungry
I would not tell you,
I would not tell you because YOU have no food to give me that I do not already own and have access to.
For the a world is Mine, and 1 all it contains.
because the ENTIRE creation; every galaxy a trillion light years away is MINE. Every wonder and every mountain range on the farthest planet that you will never even know exists is MINE and I get to see it and enjoy my creation EVERY DAY!
“Shall I eat the flesh of 1 a bulls
Therefore, do you really think I need your sacrifices?
Or drink the blood of male goats?
Do you really think your animal sacrifices are satisfying a need in ME???
“Offer to God a a sacrifice of thanksgiving
SO THEN, KNOWING THIS, what I want you to do is RECOGNIZE and FEEL and KNOW that I AM ALWAYS THE GIVER!!!! YOU DO NOT GIVE ME ANYTHING that I DON'T ALREADY OWN! So I want you to walk in THANKFULNESS! Thank me for the fact that I supply your EVERYTHING including the very animals (or money or talents or time or service) you are sacrificing to me!
And b pay your vows to the Most High;
And I want you to pay your vows to Me! I hope, by what I've already explained to you, that you have a better understanding of what PAYING VOWS to me looks like!!! [Stop and read these passages: Job 22:27, Psalm 61:8, Psalm 116:12-14]
a Call upon Me in the day of trouble;
This is what paying your vows to me will look like! It will look like DESPERATION!!! IT WILL LOOK LIKE CHILDLIKE NEED!!! It will look like UTTER DEPENDENCE!!! IT WILL BE HUMILITY IN THE DUST! It will be simply CALLING ON ME for everything!!!
I shall b rescue you,
And guess what! I WILL ANSWER YOU!!! I will hear your call and see your need BECAUSE JESUS DIED TO RECONCILE you to me! I WILL BE FOR YOU!!! I will give you what you need because of my beloved Son and your beloved King!!!
and you will c honor Me.”
An THEN, and only THEN, when you KNOW ME THIS WAY and approach me with this heart and cry out to me and depend on me and I have SHOWN MY POWER BY MEETING YOUR NEED...THEN you will HONOR ME!!!
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