Proverbs #2
Proverbs 1:1-7
There is a Distinct Purpose and Theme to the Book of Proverbs!
Shared August 23rd, 2017; Updated August 27th, 2017
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Purpose and Theme of Proverbs A. A “ proverb ” is “ a concise statement of truth, usually truths about human behavior ” A “ proverb ” is “ a sentence which briefly, forcefully, and pointedly expresses some practical truth ” “ Proverbs ” are designed to express truth in such a way as to hold one’s attention . Though called “ the proverbs ” it is not just a book of sayings, or a collection of short sentences that give wise advice, but A BOOK OF GOD’S WISDOM TO MAN! The book is not merely a collection of wise sayings, but DIVINE RULES FROM HEAVEN TO GOVERN THE CHILD OF GOD’S CONDUCT! The book is not merely theory, but A BOOK OF PRINCIPLES FROM HEAVEN FOR LIFE UPON EARTH! The book of Proverbs is not a book of laws to govern one’s life, but A BOOK OF PATTERNS AND PRINCIPLES THAT ARE TO BE CONSTANT IN THE COURSE OF LIFE! The truths expressed in the book are not merely a collection of wise philosophies, but THE VERY WORD OF GOD! The book of Proverbs is not merely a collection of thought-provoking word pictures, but GOD’S SCHOOL OF WISDOM! The book of Proverbs is not haphazard sayings, but A DEFINITE MESSAGE! Proverbs=Principles, Proverbs=Patterns, Proverbs=Proof I. THE PURPOSE OF THE BOOK STATED [ verses 2-4 , 6 ] 1. The Book Was Written To Make Known- ”To know” The word “know” means “ to understand clearly, to be convinced or satisfied regarding the truth or reality of; to be assured of; to be aware of ” ➲ “Wisdom” James 3:13-18 - This is the “wisdom” that comes from God , and is opposed to that which comes from the world. ➲ ” I nstruction ” This has reference to “ teaching, educating, imparting knowledge or information ” 2. The Book Was Written To Give Perception- ” to perceive the words of understanding ”. The idea conveyed here is that the book was written to give the individual such insight, that they are enabled to distinguish between light and darkness, truth and error, right and wrong. 3. The Book Was Written To Enable One To Receive Instruction- Verse 3 THERE ARE FOUR AREAS OF INSTRUCTION: ➲ “Wisdom” - The instruction of God Himself. ➲ ” Ju stice” - Instruction concerning that which is correct and right. ➲ ” Judgment ” - Instruction in discernment, and the ability to make right decisions . ➲ ”E quity ” - Instruction in that which is fair and upright. 4. The Book Was Written To give/impart- Verse 4 ➲ ” S ubtilty ” - This is the same as prudence which is to “ be cautious, showing care and thought, to be sensible ” ➲ ” Kn owledge ” - This has reference to “ thinking and acting right, knowing how to behave and conduct oneself ” ➲ ” Discretion ” -This is “ the ability to know what should be done in a particular situation ” THE PRINCIPLES OF THE BOOK OF PROVERBS WILL GIVE PURPOSE TO LIFE ! [2:11; 3:21; 5:2; 11:22]. 5. The Book Was Written For Understanding- [verse 6]. The person who reads, studies, and applies the principles of the book of Proverbs will understand the things of God, and will have insight into the ways of God .
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