Deuteronomy (Personal)
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Logical Outline of Deut 8:11–20 1. Watch yourself (11a) 2. lest you forget Yahweh (11b–18c) 3. because ... (19a–20c) a. if you forget Yahweh, b. then he will destroy you Main Purpose of (19a–20c) · To keep Israel alive and in the covenant [I could probably come up with a more contextually sensitive purpose] Main Idea of (19a–20c) · God's people should watch their manner of living lest they forget God and he destroy them. Exegetical Outline of (19a–20c) Watching Your Life (11–18) 1. Watch Yourself (11a) i. Lest you forget Yahweh (11b–18) a. by obtaining larges quantities of possessions (12–13) b. by, as a result, having a heart that is full of pride (14a) c. by , as a result, forgetting how much you've contributed nothing to your obtaining your possessions, let alone (1 Cor 4:7), your salvation (14b–16) d. by , as a result, believing (אמר) ultimate strength belongs to you (17) e. ( rather, remember the Lord who gives you your strength ) (18) Remembering Your Lord (19–20) ["remembering" is the implied antithesis of forgetting—an implied command in this text] 1. If you forget Yahweh (19a) i. by going after other gods (which = 1.i.a–d above) (19b–d) 2. God will bear witness against you (19–20) i. Namely, he will utterly destroy you (19f–20b) a. because you didn't watch every command of Yahweh (20c)
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