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All of 1 John: a set of phrases and a Final "Book Bracket." Jesus came to this earth for us, so that we would show the 3 signs of life.
1 JOhn 1:1-5:21
The results of the child of God, who has the 3 signs of life: confidence in prayer
1 John 5:13-21
Possibly the culmination of John’s letter: Faith, the commandment, and loving all integrate into one summary statement.
1 John 5:1-12
The end goal of our lives as Christians: to be perfected in love
1 John 4:7-21
The Sweet Reality of being God’s Child itself ; the equally true and Forceful Reality of Non-Sinning because you are God’s Child
1 John 2:28-3:10
Walking in obedience and discerning the truth: two vital tests
1 John 2
John's message: The Life we have in the Son of God will dramatically change our daily walk.
1 John 1:1-10
Paul's use of the εν preposition in his letters: one of the key elements to our relationship with Jesus
Philippians class
Paul's use of the word συν (with): in some ways, just as significant as the word εν (in) in showing our deep and profound union with Jesus.
Greek Cross-Training
Paul presses on by asking the Philippians to join him in his intense, joyous struggle!
Philippians 3:12-4:1
Paul is boldly but humbly putting himself forward as a great model of Christ's humility
Philippians 3:1-11
2 Great Examples of humility that Paul presents to the Philippians
Philippians 2:19-30
God has already worked his great act of resurrection in us!
Ephesians 2:1-10
A supreme model of trusting in the LORD alone
2 Kings 19:1-7
Bringing God’s Word into a perennial topic of debate
Genesis 1
God in all the world!
Psalm 8
Taking a stand
Galatians 1:11-17
Putting the LORD’s priorities before your own, always!
Haggai 1
The reality of God is seen in all Creation, without one doubt at all!
Romans 1:18-23
A true way to love
John 13:1-17
Through Peter’s first message to the Gentiles, the wall between Jew and Gentile has been torn down forever.
Acts 11:1-18
We are the Children of Light, those who eagerly anticipate the Return of the King!!
1 Thessalonians 5:1-11
Bring God into your home life, and then God’s word can enter into you!
James 1:19-21
Two babies, foretold of old in His word, different, but both necessary for the Great Salvation that the Father promised us.
Luke 1:67-79
1 Thessalonians 1:1-10
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1 John Phrasing
1 John 3:11-4:6
John adds layers of depth to 2 of his tests of life: first the loving test, and then the believing test
Published February 4th, 2022; Updated February 4th, 2022
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1 John 3:11-4:6
1 John 3:11-4:6
1 John 3:11-4:6
Loving brothers as a sign of life (hating brothers thus a sign of death)
The General 2 Ways
For this is the message
that you have heard
from the beginning,
that we should love one another.
We should not be like Cain,
who was of the evil one
and murdered his brother.
And why did he murder him?
Because his own deeds were evil
Answers 1-2
and his brother’s righteous.
Do not be surprised,
that the world hates you.
We know
that we have passed ... into life,
out of death
because we love the brothers.
Whoever ... abides
in death.
Locative Sphere
does not love
Everyone ... is a murderer,
who hates his brother
and you know
Explanation 2
that no murderer has eternal life abiding
in him.
Loving Brothers explained: actual actions (Physical, though spiritual also there)
By this
we know love,
that he laid down his life
for us,
Purpose Advantage
and we ought to lay down our lives
for the brothers.
Purpose Advantage
if anyone ... yet closes his heart
against him,
Purpose Disadvantage
has the world’s goods
and sees his brother
in need,
But ... how does God’s love abide
in him?
Little children,
let us (love) ...
but in deed
Manner 1-2
and in truth.
not love in word
Negative 1-2
or talk
Confidence before God based on loving; help from him when we have forgotten
To the weaker Christian, less love, feels guilt
By this
we shall know
that we are of the truth
Content 1-2
and reassure our heart
before him;
that if our heart condemns us,
Temporal (condition)
that God....and knows everything
is greater
than our heart,
To the stronger Christian, who is loving
if our heart does not condemn us,
we have confidence
before God;
whatever we ask
and ... we receive
from him,
because we keep his commandments
and do what pleases him.
Summary of the love command and encouragement
And this is his commandment,
that we believe
Content 1
in the name
of his Son
Jesus Christ
and love one another,
Content 2
just as he has commanded us.
Whoever ... abides
in God,
Locative Sphere
keeps his commandments
and God (abides)
in him.
And by this
we know
that he abides
in us,
by the Spirit
Means 2 (Expl of Means 1)
whom he has given us.
Testing the spirits for truth
The command to do it
do ... but test the spirits
not believe every spirit,
to see
whether they are from God,
for many false prophets have gone out
into the world.
How to test: Way 1
By this
you know the Spirit
of God:
every spirit ... is from God,
that confesses that Jesus Christ has come
in the flesh
and every spirit ... is not from God.
that does not confess Jesus
This is the spirit
of the antichrist,
which you heard was coming
and now is in the world already.
Encouragement in the testing
Little children,
you are from God
and have overcome them,
for he ... is greater
who is in you
than he
who is in the world.
How to test: Way 2
They are from the world;
therefore they speak from the world,
and the world listens
to them.
Purpose advantage
We are from God.
knows God
Whoever ... listens
to us;
Purpose advantage (destination)
is not from God
whoever ... does not listen
to us.
Purpose advantage (destination)
By this
we know the Spirit
of truth
and the spirit
of error.
Questions to answer 1. Why does John give a specific illustration of Scripture here, when he hasn't really up until now? (And why Cain as that example?) (3:12) Cain is the Prototype of the World (the world does not love) 2. Why the sudden talk of "the world hates you" in 3:13? The world is basically like Cain: they hate righteousness and love evil like Cain 2. Why the talk of spirits in 4:1, suddenly? (Just like the start of the talk of antichrists in 2:18). What is it that brings about this new section, for John? This is looping back to layer 2:18-2:27 (the Doctrine-Belief Test)
The Overview of this Section 2 ( 2:28-4:6 ) From Stott: From 2:28 onwards is the second layering of the same 3 tests outlined previously, and the first test taken up again is the Obedience-Righteousness to God Test ( 2:28- 3:10 ) The connection of 3:1-3 and 3:4-10: The amazing love poured out to birth us as children (who will be fully purified in the end, being able to see Jesus purely) ( 3:1-3 ), is the stunning ground that makes a practice of sinning so unthinkable ( 3:4-10 ). ** Then in 3:11-18 is the second layering of the Loving Others Test *3:19-24 is a digression to give assurance **Then in 4:1-6 is the second layering of the Believing-Doctrine Test __________________ The Prolegomena : Believing Jesus has practical results in Daily Life ( 1:1- 2:2 ) 1:1-4: The Son in this world, believed 1:5-2:2: Belief leading to right living The First Layer of the 3 Tests ( 2:3-27 ) (the tests do overlap though) 1. Obedience-Righteousness Test ( 2:3-6 ) 2. The Loving Others Test ( 2:7-11 ) Two digressions: 2:12-17 (The Church and the World 3. Believing (Doctrine) Test ( 2:18- 2:27 )
Outline of 1 John so far (1:1-4:6) The Prolegomena : Believing Jesus has practical results in Daily Life ( 1:1- 2:2 ) 1:1-4: The Son in this world, believed 1:5-2:2: Belief leading to right living ______________ The First Layering of the 3 Tests ( 2:3-27 ) (the tests themselves do overlap with each other a bit though) 1. Obedience-Righteousness Test ( 2:3-6 ) 2. The Loving Others Test ( 2:7-11 ) Two digressions: 2:12-17 (The Church and the World 3. Believing (Doctrine) Test ( 2:18- 2:27 ) _______________ The Second Layering of the 3 Tests (2:28-4:6) 1. The Obedience-Righteousness Test again (with a New focus on the Father's birthing us as providing stunning grounds for obedience) 2:28-3:10 2. The Loving Others Test again (with a New focus on Love as a sign of life, love as being practical physical actions) 3:11-18 A digression: Assurance while you are going about loving (sometimes failing) 3:19-24 3. The Believing (Doctrine) Test (with a new focus on false spirits/words/Christ as the Incarnation) 4:1-6
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