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Deut 6:20-25
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Main Idea : Pass on the covenantal love to children by explaining God's covenantal love for us and our covenantal love ought to be. Outline : 1. The occasion of explanation for children (20) 2. The essence of explanation for children (21-25) a. God's covenantal love for us (21-23) i. His deliverance with mighty hand (21) -- "hand" in 6:8 ii. His signs and wonders in our eyes (22) -- "eyes" in 6:8 iii. His granting us living places (23) -- "doors" and "gates" in 6:9 b. Our covenantal love ought to be (24-25) i. God commanded us to do and fear for our good and life (24) ii. Righteousness for us to do God's commandment (25) Thoughts : 1. The even chiasmus or bookends in 24-25 mark a text unit: 24a: Command us "צוה"+"נוּ" 24b: To do "לַעֲשׂוֹת֙" 24c: For us "לָ֙נוּ֙" 25a: For us "לָּ֑נוּ" 25b: To do "לַעֲשׂ֜וֹת" 25c: Command us "צוה"+"נוּ" 2. The beginning of v. 23, "vav+_+verb" forms a contrast with v. 22, which starts with wayyiqtoal . The contrast is God's giving judgment to his enemy vs. bringing his people to the promised land. 3. vv. 20-25 echoes vv. 7-9. Children will be curious about all these ritual things in vv. 8-9. This is the chance that parents can explain all these words to children by pointing to the hand (v. 21 God's mighty hand), the eyes (v. 22 what God has done in our eyes), and the written words on the doorposts and gates (v. 23 God's giving land).
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