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Ephesians Cameroon 5:3-14 #2
Ephesians 5:3-14
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Homework Notes
Homework Notes
1. Exegetical Questions and Answers (at least two) Piper Questions A) In 5:3-4 what is the motive given for not being immoral, impure or covetous? Explain how this should function in our consciousness. See 1Cor. 13:5 and compare Eph. 4:1. The motive Paul gives is that immorality, impurity, greediness along with filthy, silly and unrefined speech are not seemly suitable among saints. Stated differently an immoral, impure, and greedy lifestyle together with filthy, silly, and vulgar speech fall short of the manner of life which saints are called to live. I realize that the sinful habits he commands believers to forsake in 5:3-4 have to do with act and speech. The way he strings them up gives no room for anybody to imagine that they can only avoid acts of immorality, impurity, and greediness and choose to speak filthy, foolish, and obnoxious things. This gives me to understand that one cannot lay claim to a saintly lifestyle while living in immorality, impurity, and greediness and while conversing in a manner that ridicules and reveals no pinch of modesty in his or her own very personality. Our new identity in Christ must affect the way we act and speak. Reading Eph. 5:3-4 in the light of 1 Cor. 13:5 gives me to understand that immorality, impurity, greed, filthy, silly, and coarse jesting arise and continue whenever one chooses to insist on one's own way. I also perceive that 1 Cor. occurs in a context that underlines the way of God honoring love. This helps me know that I can only avoid the sinful habits in Eph. 5:3-4 and the tendency to live sinfully if I l learn to love and live according to Scriptures not according to what I judge right and insist to pursue. Eph. 5:3-4 goes contrary to 4:1. The sinful acts and speech in 5:3-4 characterize a person who has willfully chosen to listen to Paul's charge for believers in 4:1 with deaf ears. In 4:1 Paul commands believers to walk in a manner worthy of their calling. B) Would you say on the basis of verse 5 and 6 that Christians should ever be motivated by fear? My answer to this question is a loud yes! Christians should be motivated by fear. Now, the question is fear of what? In my judgment, verse 5 underlines the fate of sinners. It says, any one who subscribes to immorality, impurity, covetousness, and idolatry has no reward in the kingdom of Christ and God. The reality that sinners will go without a penny to their name should motivate Christians to abhor sin. Besides, the fear to be deceived with empty words in verse 6 should also motivate Christians . My answer has biblical support. My understanding of Romans 11:21-24 convinces me that Christians should be motivated by fear. In the said text of Romans, the same Paul warns the Gentiles not to become proud of God's grace towards them but to fear because if God did not spare the natural branches he will not spare them if they yield to pride. 2. Insights gained from Hoehner or other secondary sources Hoehner helps me understand that the sinful deeds to be exposed are the deeds of believers who are participating in unfruitful works of darkness. P. 679. 3. Brief doxological response or personal application As a believer my deeds and speech must measure up to the manner worthy of my calling. Scriptures contain all I need to know about the way of life that accords with my given identity in Christ. 4. Time invested in preparing for this class period. I put in more than 5 hours in this work. 5. Submit your Arc tab and your Homework notes tab either through Biblearc (preferred) or by attaching PDFs of the arc and homework notes to an email
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