Response to Truth
James 1:19-21
Anger is not the way; meekness is.
Published April 16th, 2017
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Devotional Thought
Main point summary
Devotional Thought
It is much easier to get anger wrong than it is to get patience and humility wrong. While it is never fun to listen to criticism and hard words of truth, these difficult words of truth come from the heart of the Gospel and are for your benefit. No one can execute righteousness perfectly, and so there will always be room for correction; when these times come, getting angry at the one delivering the truth is not proper, but rather humility and meekness. These qualities are becoming of a Christian, and are what indicates the work of God in the salvation of your soul.
Main point summary
Don't get upset at correction, but rather listen patiently, because anger is never helpful.
James 1:19-21
g Know this, my beloved brothers:
Understand what I am about to tell you:
let every person h be quick to hear,
everyone must listen first,
i slow to speak,
and hold his/her tongue,
j slow to anger;
and stop himself/herself from getting angry over what is being said;
for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.
because anger that comes from personal offense (instead of righteous indignation on God's behalf) never leads to just acts or good deads.
Therefore k put away all filthiness and rampant wickedness
Therefore , since this is true, flee from unjust acts and evil deeds;
and receive with l meekness the implanted word,
instead , listen to potentially hard words about you with patience and humility, knowing that these words contain the truth of the Gospel,
m which is able to save your souls.
which is the message that originally saved you.
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