1 Peter 1:1-9
God's goodness at work in our salvation
Published November 19th, 2020
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OBSERVATIONS FROM 1 PETER 1:1-9: ~GREETINGS~ 1.The greetings of the letter has sender,recipients,recipient's identity and prayer. 2.Peter is an apostle of Jesus Christ. 3.He is writing to the elect exiles of the Dispertion in Pontus,Galatia,Cappadocia,Asia and Bithynia. 4.Peter is greeting them by stating the identity of his recipients. 5.They are elect exiles according to the foreknowledge of God. 6.They are elect exiles through the working of the Holy Spirit. 7.They are set apart for obedience 8.They are set apart for the sprinkling of Jesus' blood. 9.Peter is praying for them. 10.Peter has deep affection to the recipients. ~BODY~ (part only) v.3 11.Peter is stating the blessedness of God through His works. 12.God acts according to His great mercy. 13.Both Peter and his recipients experience God's mercy. 14.God is the one who caused Peter and the recipients to be born again. 15.Both Peter and his recipient's salvation is grounded to a living hope. 16.Peter expounds the living hope by saying how it is done. 17.Jesus rose from the dead. v.4 18.They are being born again to a living hope to obtain something,namely,an inheritance. 19.This inheritance is imperishable,undefiled and unfading. 20.The inheritance is being kept in heaven for them. v.5 21.This inheritance are guarded by God's power through faith. 22.This inheritance is being kept for the last time. v.6 23.Peter is confident that they are rejoicing to the living hope yet to be revealed. 24.Peter is not neglecting the fact that there is hardship. 25.He is telling them the high possibility of struggles ahead. v.7 26.Hardship is meant for the testing of their faith to see its genuineness. 27.Tested faith is being compared to a gold set through fire. 28.Geniune faith is more precious than gold that perishes. 29.To find the faith worthy of honor and praise at the revelation of Jesus. v.8 30.Jesus is not currently present at the time the letter is written(in a sense of physical contact) among the recipients. 31.The recipient loved and believed someone they did not yet seen. 32.They even rejoice with an inexpressible joy and filled with glory. v.9 33.They are obtaining the outcome of their expressed faith,namely the salvation of their souls.
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