The Holiness of God
Romans 11:32-36
Everything is God's and all things are made from Him and for Him. He is infinitely glorious; the only sound we can manage in response is Oh!
Published April 10th, 2018
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Main point summary
Main point summary
God's actions are mind-boggling and wise. Any amount of analysis of his motives and actions should cause all things to fall on their face in worship, fear, and awestruck wonder at his glorious and depthy glory!
Romans 11:32-36
For God r has consigned all to disobedience,
that he may have mercy on all.
Oh, the depth of the riches and s wisdom and knowledge of God!
t How unsearchable are his judgments
and how inscrutable his ways!
“For u who has known the mind of the Lord,
or v who has been his counselor?”
“Or w who has given a gift to him
that he might be repaid?”
For x from him and through him and to him are all things.
y To him be glory forever. Amen.
The response, or result of the immense holiness, depth, and separateness of God should be worship and awe
Oh!: This word demonstrates that there are no words to describe the depths of God. He is unspeakably wise, knowledgeable, and rich! Everything else flows as a result from this infinite and glorious depthiness!
"Everything that is not God, God owns!" -John Piper
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