Psalm 100
Psalms 100
There are so many temptations to put our hope in a human these days. But we are not God... and that is good news!
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Published November 9th, 2020; Updated November 9th, 2020
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Main point summary
Main point summary
Thank and praise Yahweh because He is God to us and good to us.
Psalms 100:1-5
p Make a joyful noise to the Lord , all the earth!
It's time to celebrate to God everyone!
a Shout joyfully to the Lord , all the earth.
q Serve the Lord with gladness! r Come into his presence with singing!
And worship God gladly!
a Serve the Lord with gladness;
And come in His presence singing joyfully!
b Come before Him with joyful singing.
Know that s the Lord , he is God! It is he who t made us, and u we are his; 1 we are his v people, and w the sheep of his pasture.
Because Yahweh is the one who is God
Know that a the Lord 1 Himself is God;
Implying that it's actually God who made us
It is He who has b made us,
rather than us making ourselves.
and 2 not we ourselves;
And implying that God owns us
We are c His people
in a way like a shepherd owns his sheep.
and the sheep of His pasture.
x Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his y courts with praise! Give thanks to him; z bless his name!
Also, as you come into His presence, let thanksgiving be how you do it!
Enter His gates a with 1 thanksgiving
And praise Him!
And His courts with praise.
Again I say, thank Him!
Give thanks to Him,
And praise Him!
b bless His name.
a For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his b faithfulness to all generations.
Why? Because He is good.
For a the Lord is good;
To be more specific : His love will last forever
b His lovingkindness is everlasting
And His faithfulness won't run out on us.
And His c faithfulness to all generations.
...nature of our relationship with Him
...benefits of our relationship with Him
not sure if this is really explanatory
Worship Him because of...
Thank (& praise) Him because of...
Consider how much better it is that the Lord being is God rather than us and we will see our reasons for praise and thanks.
He is God to us
He is good to us
Interesting that this is not just directed to believers
What are grammatical implications that it does not appear that " We are " was in original? Not a big deal? ESV also adds it.
OUTLINE OF PSALMS I. REJOICE EVERYONE! 100:1-3 A. It's time to celebrate 100:1-2 B. Because God is not (not us) 100:3 II. GIVE GOD THANKS! 100:4-5 A. It's time to thank God 100:4 B. Because God is good to us 100:5 There are so many temptations to put our hope in a human these days. It could be a national leader, a celebrity, or ourselves. But we are not God... and that is good news! It's the best news and reason to celebrate and thank the One who is God! Consider the reasons for thanks/praise because of 1) our relationship to Him and 2) the benefits of that relationship. Other thoughts... * Who is this message directed to? "all the earth!" (vs 1) * It's interesting that our generation is not the first that has the temptation to put ourselves in the place of God ( vs 3 ).
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