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Philippians 2:1-4
Why consider others more important than yourself? Because Jesus did...
Published January 11th, 2018
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Main point summary
Main point summary
Be united in thought. Regard the feelings of others as more important than even your own. This is having the mind of Jesus, so keep it.
Philippians 2:1-5
So if there is any encouragement in Christ,
Therefore if there is some comfort in Jesus ,
any comfort from f love,
if there is some peace from His selfless love (Agape),
any g participation in the Spirit,
if there is some fellowship in the Holy Spirit,
any h affection
if you have any compassion
and sympathy,
and mercy,
i complete my joy by being j of the same mind,
then fulfill my happiness by being like minded,
having the same love,
additionally , love each other,
being in full accord
living in harmony with one another,
and of one mind.
and having one purpose.
Do nothing from k selfish ambition
Furthermore , let none of your actions be for selfish gain
or l conceit,
or from pride,
but in m humility
but rather , in a manor of lowliness
count others more significant than yourselves.
treat people more important than even yourself.
Let each of you n look not only to his own interests,
Namely , don't only consider your feelings,
but also to the interests of others.
but rather , also consider the feelings of others.
o Have this mind among yourselves,
(everything I explained up until this point) Keep this mindset inside of you,
which is yours in Christ Jesus, 1
the mindset of Jesus ,
I chose for my final assignment to continue in Philippians. This course has been eye opening. I know I have a long way to go. But the word of God is so worth it. I want to know His word. 1a-1e - I found this hard to express. I know Paul is not questioning "IF" any of these things are in Christ or from Christ. I know the "IF" is more like a "SINCE" but I still struggled with explaining my thoughts in my paraphrases. I read other translations but I didn't want to depend on them for understanding. I wanted to see what Paul meant for myself. I really battled with the propositions between 2d-3a. There were times I saw it as an inference and an idea explanation. I ultimately felt that it wasn't a further explanation of something already said. Or a "therefore" statement as a result of what was said before it. I saw it as a progression. A "furthermore" or "moreover". I felt it was progressing deeper into the climax of THIS being the mind of Christ. I'm still not completely sure. What is the correct connection between 2d-3a? 3d-4b - Considering others as more important does not come even remotely natural to most people. I found this command to be challenging but necessary. This is what really spoke to me. This is where I found my application. The changing of my heart and understanding what it truly means to have the mind of Christ. There is no better example than that of God taking the form of a man and dying a criminals death all because He considered us important. My main summary was a struggle as well. Ultimately I believe the message in this passage is about being united and of one purpose. Not looking for what we can gain for ourselves but always consider the feelings of others. All because this is what it truly means to have the mind of Christ.
Scott Somerville
I am just starting to learn this process, and look forward to the day I post my own first passage! Thank you for sharing your thought-process.  It helps me see that what I think of as the "hard part" of this approach is both necessary and profitable.
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