Bracketing—Assignment 10-Gift of Wisdom
1 Kings 3:5-15
The Lord's blessings are conditional on obedience.
Published March 4th, 2019
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Main point summary
5-9 In response to the Lord, Solomon asked for wisdom to govern God’s people. 10-14 Because the Lord was pleased with Solomon’s request, He also gave him incomparable riches and honor, conditional on obedience. 15 After receiving the Lord’s promises, Solomon awoke, worshipped, and celebrated with others. Truths and Applications: T: The Lord communicates by dreams. A: I will carefully listen to people who say that they heard from the Lord in a dream. T: God shows love and blessings to his obedient servants. A: I will obey the Lord. T: Wisdom is a greater goal than riches or honor. A: I will ask the Lord for wisdom. T: The Lord is pleased when we focus our desires on what is best for others. A: I will focus on helping others. T: The receipt of blessings should prompt worship and sharing. A: I will worship the Lord with thanksgiving.
Main point summary
After receiving the Lord's blessings of wisdom, wealth, and glory, conditional upon obedience, Solomon worshipped.
1 Kings 3:5-15
e At Gibeon
At Gibeon
f the Lord appeared to Solomon
God came to Solomon
g in a dream by night,
in a nighttime dream
and God said,
and God said
“Ask what I shall give you.”
What do you want from me?
And Solomon said,
And Solomon answered:
“You have shown great and steadfast love to your servant David my father,
You loved my father David
because h he walked before you
since he lived in your shadow
in faithfulness,
with steadfast faith
in righteousness,
in righteous ways
and in uprightness of heart toward you.
with a heart that matched yours
And you have kept for him this great and steadfast love
And you never removed your love from him
and i have given him a son to sit on his throne
and gave him me to follow him
this day.
And now,
and now
O Lord my God, j you have made your servant king
you have made me king as your servant
in place of David my father,
replacing my father
k although I am but a little child.
despite my immaturity
I do not know l how to go out
I don't know how to face it
or come in.
or hide from it
m And your servant is in the midst of your people
And I am surrounded by your people
whom you have chosen,
selected by your grace
a great people,
great in your name
n too many to be numbered
or counted for multitude.
o Give your servant therefore an understanding mind
Give me wisdom
p to govern your people,
to lead your people
that I may q discern between good and evil,
knowing good vs evil
for who is able to govern this your great people?”
despite my limited human nature
It pleased the Lord
The Lord was gladdened
that Solomon had asked this.
by Solomon's request
And God said to him,
And God said:
“Because you have asked this,
Since you chose wisely
and have not asked for yourself long life
not seeking long life
or riches
or wealth
or the life of your enemies,
or death of your enemies,
but have asked for yourself understanding
but rather sought wisdom
to discern what is right,
to know right from wrong,
behold, r I now do according to your word.
your request is granted
Behold, s I give you a wise and discerning mind,
Look, I give you wisdom,
so that none like you has been
unlike anyone else
before you
earlier in time
and none like you shall arise
or anyone else
after you.
who follows after you.
t I give you also what you have not asked,
In addition, I give you
u both riches
and honor,
and glory,
so that no other king shall compare with you,
incomparable to anyone else
all your days.
as long as you live.
And if you will walk in my ways,
If you walk in my shadow,
keeping my statutes
obeying my laws
and my commandments,
and rules.
v as your father David walked,
like David did.
then w I will lengthen your days.”
then you will live a long time.
And Solomon x awoke,
Solomon awakened,
and behold, it was a dream.
realizing his dream.
Then he came to Jerusalem
He went to the capitol
and stood before the ark of the covenant of the Lord,
and stood at the ark
and offered up burnt offerings
giving burnt offerings
and peace offerings,
and peace offerings
and made a feast for all his servants.
and a feast for his servants.
In response to the Lord, Solomon asked for wisdom to govern God's people.
Because the Lord was pleased with Solomon's request, He also gave him incomparable wealth and glory, conditional on obedience.
After receiving the Lord's promises, Solomon awoke, worshipped, and celebrated with others.
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