Matthew Miller is a husband, father and the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Misawa Japan.
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In the Lord I take Refuge
Psalm 11:1-7
Those who trust in the Lord have nothing to fear, and everything to look forward to...
Published May 10th, 2017
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Main point summary
Main point summary
I will not be afraid of the plots of the wicked, because I know that a Righteous God rules and will pay back the wicked with eternal destruction and reward the righteous with the beholding of his glory.
Psalms 11:1-7
In the Lord I take refuge;
I trust in the Lord
how can you say to my soul,
so how can you tell me:
z “Flee like a bird to your mountain,
"Go hide like a bird on a cliff!
for behold, the wicked a bend the bow;
because the wicked are coming with their weapons!
b they have fitted their arrow to the string
Their weapons are ready to fire!
to shoot in the dark at the upright in heart;
they are planning a sneak attack against the righteous!
if c the foundations are destroyed,
If the world is in utter chaos,
what can the righteous do?” 1
then the righteous can do nothing about it"
d The Lord is in his holy temple;
The Lord Almighty still dwells among us,
the Lord ’s e throne is in heaven;
and His ruling throne is still in heaven,
his eyes see,
He sees what is going on,
his eyelids f test the children of man.
He scrutinizes the actions of every person.
The Lord g tests the righteous,
The Lord proves the righteous to be as pure as gold
but h his soul hates the wicked
but the Lord detests the wicked
and the one who loves violence.
and he detests the one who loves violence
Let him rain coals on the wicked;
therefore the Lord will bring punishment on the wicked
i fire and sulfur and a scorching wind shall be j the portion of their cup.
and their eternal inheritance will be nothing.
For the Lord is righteous;
Because God is upright
he k loves righteous deeds;
and he loves actions that are good and upright
l the upright shall behold his face.
therefore the upright shall see God face to face.
How can you tell me to run and hide in despair from the wicked when the Lord is my protection?
God is present on earth, He rules from heaven, and he sees and scrutinizes all people.
Those who trust in the Lord have no need to fear the violence of the wicked, nor to despair at the chaos they cause, because the Lord rules from heaven and He will repay the wicked with eternal destruction and gather the righteous to enjoy the beauty of God forever. When we see the increase of hostility against the gospel, or the raging of the nations and the threats of war around us the Christian does not need to be dominated by fear or despair. The reason we can have peace in the chaos is based on two Characteristics of God, his sovereignty and his righteousness. A Christian can take refuge in the God who sovereignly rules this world and who will surely bring the events of this world to his glorious conclusion, which includes the destruction of evil and those who practice it, and the salvation of the righteous at the coming of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ. A Christian can also take refuge in the righteousness of God. The Lord will punish the wicked for the wrong they have done, because he is righteous. He is committed to giving perfect justice to his enemies. The righteousness of God also means that God loves those who hunger and thirst for righteousness and God will satisfy them with glorious and joyful fellowship with God.
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