Romans 7
Romans 7:7-12
Is there a fault in the law?
Published June 14th, 2017
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Main point summary
Main point summary
The law is not sinful rather it exposes sin. Indwelling sin however, awakened by the command, seizes the opportunity it brings to rebel and sin all the more. So indwelling sin uses the commandment to kill/disable me from living righteously. Therefore the law is holy and good but is not sufficient for me to live righteously by it.
Romans 7:7-12
a What shall we say then? Is the Law sin?
Question: Is law sin? Are they the same? Is something wrong with the law?
b May it never be!
Answer: No way
On the contrary, c I would not have come to know sin
Alternative: on the contrary, Action: I would not have known (intimately) sin
except 1 through the Law ;
How? Except by the law
for I would not have known about 2 coveting
Because: (Then) I would not of known what coveting was
if the Law had not said, “ d You shall not 2 covet .”
Conditional: If the law had not said do not covet
But sin , a taking opportunity b through the commandment ,
How: By seizing the opportunity which the commandment brought to rebel (see also v11)
(But sin) produced in me 1 coveting of every kind;
Contrast/Action: But sin produced IN me every sort of coveting.-Now that sin knows that something is prohibited it wants to do it all the more, now that i know what coveting was i found i was doing all over the place
for c apart 2 from the Law sin is dead.
Ground: Because without the law sin was inactive/dead
I was once alive apart 1 from the Law ;
I once was alive without the law
but when the commandment came,
Concessive/Temporal: But when i heard the commandment
sin became alive
Action: Sin came alive- Indwelling sin was activated to rebel against the law
and I died;
Result: I died
and this commandment , which was 1 a to result in life, proved 2 to result in death for me;
Surprising result: The very command which promised life resulted in my death
for sin, a taking an opportunity b through the commandment ,
How can that be: Sin used the opportunity the commandment brought to sin all the more (see v8)
c (For sin) deceived me
Because: Sin deceived me
and through it
How/Rep: Through the commandment (make clear sin uses commandment so fault is in sin not law)
killed me.
Moreover: Sin killed me^
a So then, the Law is holy, and the commandment is holy and righteous and good.
Conclusion: The fault is not in the law- The law is holy, righteous and good
There is no fault in the law, it just reveals how sinful I really am. Indwelling sin is activated by the law to rebel. It deceives me and makes me unable to carry out the command. We thought the law was our instruction to living righteously before God, but instead it is our tutor (gal 3:24) teaching us about our sin and how sinful we are, in order to bring us to Christ.
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