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Psalm 4
Joy and peace come from looking to the Lord rather than to the circumstances!
Published September 8th, 2020; Updated September 8th, 2020
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Main point summary
Main point summary
Despite the present circumstances, because of God's past faithfulness and care for His own, David trusts in the Lord and calls out to Him in prayer, resulting in abundant joy and peace for David.
Psalms 4:1-8
Answer me
Respond to me
when I call, O God of my f righteousness!
when I pray to you, O God who establishes my righteousness.
You have g given me relief
( because I remember that in the past you have always...) You have made space for me
when I was in distress.
when I was closed in
Be gracious to me
( So then, I still look to you ) Please deal with me in your grace,
and hear my prayer!
which is to say , hear my prayer!
O men, 1 how long shall my honor be turned into shame?
O unbelieving onlookers, ( Even though it appears this way now...) long will my honor look to be shame?
How long will you love vain words
How long will you love delusions?
and seek after h lies? Selah
Indeed , how long will you seek falsehood?
But know that the Lord has i set apart j the godly for himself;
But I pray to the Lord since , as you ought to understand, the Lord has distinguished the Godly for Himself (...and I am His)
the Lord hears when I call to him.
Therefore , the Lord hears me when I pray to Him (He will answer me!)
k Be angry, 1
Tremble before the Lord
and do not sin;
and do not act sinfully;
l ponder in your own hearts m on your beds,
Contemplate your ways at home on your bed,
and be silent. Selah
think about this in quietness. Reflect on this.
Offer n right sacrifices,
Act rightfully with good motivation in your sacrifices
and put your o trust in the Lord .
and trust completely in the Lord !
There are many who say,
Because some of you say
“Who will show us some good?
" From whom will we finally find some good in this life? "
p Lift up q the light of your face upon us, O Lord !”
( so, this is what it looks like to trust completely in the Lord (5b) ) ...O Lord, please let our good be from and in you!
You have put r more joy in my heart than they have
(Because I trust in you my God and you hear my prayer) In whatever circumstances I am in, you have given me more joy than they have
when their grain and wine abound.
even when they have an abundance of grain and wine!
In peace I will both s lie down and sleep;
And, I go to bed and sleep peacefully;
for you alone, O Lord , make me t dwell in safety.
because it is YOU alone, O Lord, who protects me.
Verse 1 David recalls the Lord's help in the past as reason to seek and trust His help in the present situation. David sees the Lord as his help in difficult situations. Is my first response to seek the Lord? The Lord is David's righteousness and David pleads that the Lord would hear his prayer in His graciousness. Do I come to the Lord seeking His help on the basis of my own (perceived) uprightness, or based upon His character (His grace and righteousness)? The Lord's past faithfulness and help should bring us confidence that He hears our prayer and helps us in the present. "O God our help in ages past, our hope for years to come"
Verses 2-3 David concedes that it appears he is receiving shame rather than honor, his enemies are actually seeking delusions and falsehood. Even though it appears this way now, David is confident that God will hear his prayer and answer him. Do I feel the need to contend with my enemies, real or perceived, in order to establish my identity (to gain honor), or do I trust that I am the Lord's (my identity) and He will answer my prayer?
Verse 4-6 So, what should be the response of the believing, if discouraged, community regarding the apparent reversal of "good" and bounty given to the people of God as compared to their enemies? David shows the discouraged community that the way of the Lord is not to take matters into their own hands, but rather to bring them before the Lord. They are to tremble before the Lord about this ...they are to consider this in their homes, on their beds in silence...they are to trust completely in the Lord. The community responds that they want what they see as good. David reminds them to bring this too, before the Lord. What does it mean to consider this in silence rather than trying to bring something about with my own hands? What does it mean to put my trust in the Lord? It is seeking good in and from the Lord...from His hand. How do I respond to perceived injustices? What is my response when I feel wronged by another person? Do I seek to take matters in to my own hands? Or do I trust in the Lord? Do I believe that my good comes from and indeed is in the Lord?
Verses 7-8 So, what is the result in David's life of trusting God to answer his prayer? Of trusting that he is the Lord's and God will hear his prayer? Of putting the matter into God's hands rather than taking it into his own? Joy and peace. David has more joy than his enemies, even though they appear to have an abundance. Because his joy is in the Lord (lift up the light of your face upon us o Lord!). And he has peace. Why? Because again, he trusts that the Lord Himself watches over him. Do I seek my joy in things or in the Lord knowing I am His? Do I seek peace from the security of having things, or do I walk in peace because I trust in the Lord to watch over me?
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