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1 Thessalonians 5:12-28
Found! The will of God in Christ Jesus!
Published August 5th, 2020
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Main point summary
Main point summary
God's desire for your life by way of Christ Jesus is that you would be filled with joy and gratitude and prayer, allowing God to set you apart perfectly as His instrument; always striving for goodness with each other and with everyone, and refusing to entertain any kind of wickedness.
1 Thessalonians 5:12-28
We ask you, brothers,
We make our request of you, brothers,
m to respect those who labor among you and n are over you in the Lord
that you would give honor to those in leadership,
and admonish you,
who by way of the Lord, strive to give you counsel,
and to esteem them very highly in love because of their work.
and to hold them in the highest regard with utmost affection considering their position.
o Be at peace among yourselves.
Let everyone be of one accord in these matters.
And we urge you, brothers,
And brothers we strongly suggest you imitate those in leadership,
admonish p the idle, 1
by giving warning to those who are inactive,
q encourage the fainthearted,
and emboldening the fearful,
r help the weak,
and giving support to the feeble,
s be patient with them all.
and being tolerant of their faults.
See that t no one repays anyone evil for evil,
Make sure that no one is seeking payback on anyone else for a wrongdoing,
but always u seek to do good to one another and to everyone.
instead strive for goodness with each other and with everyone.
v Rejoice always,
Have great joy continuously,
w pray without ceasing,
pray and don't stop,
x give thanks in all circumstances;
showing gratitude for every outcome whether good or bad;
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
because this is God's desire by way of Christ Jesus for your life.
y Do not quench the Spirit.
So don't extinguish the power of His Spirit.
Do not despise z prophecies,
And don't disrespect someone who claims to be speaking for the Lord,
but a test everything;
instead give what they say an honest assessment;
hold fast what is good.
clinging to what you know to be right and true.
Abstain from every form of evil.
Refuse to entertain any kind of wickedness.
Now may b the God of peace himself c sanctify you completely,
At present may God Himself, who is the ultimate source of comfort, and contentment, and consolation, dedicate and set you apart perfectly as His instrument,
and may your d whole e spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at f the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
and may every part and parcel of your spirit and soul and body be safeguarded as impeccable for the imminent appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ.
g He who calls you is faithful; h he will surely do it.
The One who has brought you this far is tried and true; without question, He will accomplish this task.
i Brothers, pray for us.
Brothers keep us in your prayers.
j Greet all the brothers with a holy kiss.
Salute every believer with a godly embrace.
I put you under oath before the Lord to have k this letter read to all the brothers.
I need you to promise me before God this letter will be read to every believer.
l The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.
May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be forever yours.
OUTLINE OF 1 THESSALONIANS I. Greeting 1:1-3 1. Thanksgiving and Remembrance 1:1-3 II. main body 1:4-5:11 A. THE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS IS BORN BY THE HOLY SPIRIT THROUGH THE CONDUCT OF BELIEVERS 1:4-3:13 1. God's Gospel Through The Conduct Of Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy 1:4-10 i. Sowing the Gospel 1:4-5 ii. The Gospel Seed Bearing Fruit 1:6-10 2. The Gospel Bearing Witness Through Conduct In Conflict 2:1-12 i. The Gospel in the Midst of Conflict 2:1-4 ii. Gospel Conduct Before God for His Glory 2:5-8 iii. Gospel Conduct Before Men for God's Glory 2:9-12 3. The Church of God In Christ Jesus 2:13-20 i. The Gospel Received and Believed 2:13-14a ii. Glory and Joy in the Gospel 2:14b-20 4. The Gospel is the Power of God from Faith to Faith 3:1-13 B. THE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS GROWS AND CONTINUES THROUGH THE CONDUCT OF BELIEVERS 4:1-5:11 1. The Will of God for Every Believer 4:1-18 i. Jesus is Our Leader and Our Guide 4:1-2 ii. The Strength of God is In His Calling to Follow Jesus 4:3-8 iii. The Greatest Command is to Love One Another 4:9-12 iv. The Hope of Our Calling 4:13-18 2. God's Gospel Continues Through the Conduct of Believers 5:1-11 i. Remember Your Calling 5:1-11 III. closing 5:12-28 1. The Will Of God In Christ Jesus 5:12-28 i. Disciples Making Disciples 5:12-15 ii. Marching Orders 5:16-28 Devotional thoughts: The practical nature of this letter is sublime...but it is a hidden gem that has to be mined and brought forth by God alone, and then it punches you right in the mouth! I did not see this until I approached the end of the letter, and this only after having gone through this course and repeatedly reading and re-reading and doing countless word searches and breaking down and building up and wow...humbled and feeling very fortunate for the opportunity to share this with those who are striving to be His. The main theme of this Letter is Conduct: Before God and humanity, or God and the universe in general. The letter is bookended with conduct. Paul begins: you know what kind of men we proved to be among you...and you imitated us. 1 Thessalonians 1:5-6 Paul ends: respect those who labor among you and are over you and admonish you...(and you yourselves) admonish, encourage, help, be patient, etc. 1 Thessalonians 5:12-14. The Letter stands behind Paul's belief that the Thessalonian believers are growing into the likeness of the Head of the body. He repeatedly urges them to continue. Verse 12 is challenging. Paul has had no qualms about referring to himself and the others throughout the Letter. So the wording here is odd. Is Paul referring to Apostles or simply those who have assumed leadership roles? I have opted for those who have assumed leadership roles because of the immediate context of verse 20-21. Needless to say, the overarching theme remains the conduct of everyone who believes. The strength and power of God is turned up like a windstorm in the actions of those He has the world sees the truth of what a humble, loving, compassionate display in a corporate body is capable of producing. Paul's cry has been continue and strive ever harder to become more and more like the One who started it all with His actions; Jesus...He is faithful and He will accomplish this, verse 24, we need only to humbly submit to the call. This is the true miracle God is still seeking to is His greatest work. The world does not need wonder working powerful Holy Spirit seeking needs the body of Christ standing in unified submission to one another in love and labor and for the glory of God and His Son Jesus. But it is more than that...the calling of God is for every believer to become the is a seamless body; meaning there is no real distinction, aside from that which we honor, between follower and leader. Assuming, of course, the leadership has Jesus as it's Head. Paul's description of leadership has been one of loving and laboring, verse 12-13, and earlier in chapter 2 verse 8-9. This unassuming strength, like a mother or father as described in chapter 2 is so unlike the world we live in, and it is perhaps the missing key element in our churches of today. Paul is saying the greatest way to give tribute to those in leadership, and ultimately to Jesus, is to become them. Next Steps: I am anxious to read through 2 Thessalonians as I move into phrasing, and continue to allow the Holy Spirit to (dare I say it) sanctify me completely. I ask for your prayers that God may shine His light in me and use me for His purpose and His glory. Whatever that means is for Him to determine. God let my heart be open. Grace and peace to you.
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