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Ephesians Outline
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OUTLINE OF EPHESIANS I. INTRODUCTION 1:1-2 II. THE CHURCH: THE FULLNESS OF CHRIST IN PAUL'S THANKSGIVING AND PRAISE 1:3-2:10 A. PRAISE GOD FOR FOUR SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS 1:3-14 1. Blessing of Adoption 1:5-6 2. Blessing of Redemption 1:7-10 3. Blessing of Inheritance 1:11-12 4. Blessing of the Holy Spirit 1:13-14 B. PAUL'S THANKSGIVING FOR THE EPHESIANS 1:15-23 1. A Trinitarian Prayer for Wisdom and Knowledge 1:17-23 i. Knowledge of Hope 1:18b ii. Knowledge of Inheritance 1:18c iii. Knowledge of Power 1:19-23 C. A UNIFIED CONVERSION EXPERIENCE 2:1-10 III. THE CHURCH: THE MANIFEST GLORY OF GOD 2:11-3:21 A. THE CHURCH RECONCILES ALL MANKIND TO GOD 2:11-22 1. Christ Unites Jew and Gentile 2:11-15 2. Christ Unites Us to the Father by the Spirit 2:16-22 B. THE CHURCH REVEALS GODS WISDOM TO ALL CREATION 3:1-13 C. THE CHURCH REVEALS THE FULLNESS OF GOD IN CHRIST'S LOVE 3:14-21 IV. THE CHURCH: A PATTERN FOR LIFE 4:1-6:20 A. UNITY AS AN IMAGE OF RECONCILIATION 4:1-16 B. GENTILES ARE BROUGHT INTO THE HOLINESS OF GOD'S PEOPLE 4:17-5:14 1. The Old Self is Entirely Unfitting 4:17-24 2. An Image of the New Self 4:25-5:2 3. Warning Not to Behave Like the Godless World 5:3-14 C. THE FULLNESS OF CHRIST'S LOVE EXEMPLIFIED IN HOLY LIVING 5:15-6:20 1. Foundations for Holy Living 5:15-21 2. Holiness for Wives 5:22-24 3. Holiness for Husbands 5:25-33 4. Holiness for Children 6:1-4 5. Holiness for Servants 6:5-8 6. Holiness for Masters 6:9 7. Help in Holiness for All 6:10-20 V. CLOSING REMARKS AND BENEDICTION 6:21-24
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