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The gracious benefits we receive from the Father through the Son should cause us to praise Him with much laude!
1 Peter 1:3-5
Grace and peace come to God's people because it was His will that His Son give Himself for us. Any other peace is non-lasting and cannot end
Galatians 1:1-5
Justification before God is clearly grounded in Christ's atoning work on the cross. When this is clearly portrayed, there is no confusion on
Galatians 3:1-9
Even in the prophets, we see the gospel clearly proclaimed. Take heart and know that even long ago God planned to save a people unto Himself
Hosea 2:16-20
Idolatry is an act of unfaithfulness to Yahweh. His purpose of His people is that they know Him in an intimate way, forsaking all others.
Hosea 2:16-20
Do not be discouraged when you sin. God's promise to be with His people is not hindered by your sin, as we learn from Jacob
Genesis 28:10-15
God's promise to keep you secure lies not in your ability to perform or not perform, but in His good word
Genesis 28:10-15
Jesus' incarnation was not simply to come as God in the flesh. It was to fulfill the atonement for His people and be crushed by God.
Isaiah 53:1-6
Worry & Anxiousness are the beginning signs of idolatry, even worry over our basic needs. Do you worry?
Matthew 6:25-34
Even our basic needs are no cause for anxiety. Jesus assures us that the Father will provide for His children from day to day
Matthew 6:25-34
What does believing and doubting have to do with prayer and receiving from God? EVERYTHING!
James 1:2-8
The believer's certainty is so sure that John stated it twice. God's love for His people is remarkable!
John 3:9-18
Paul's success in the gospel was due largely to the people's help. Do you stand behind those who minister to you?
Philippians 1:3-11
The resurrection gives a believer hope because he will be kept by a power greater than himself–God's own power.
1Peter 1:3-5
We receive everything of God "according to His great mercy." Everything hinges on this
1Peter 1:3-5
How do we fear God and love Him at the same time? The Psalmist has the answer
Psalms 147:10-11
Our salvation is the most precious thing we have. The prophets, apostles, and Holy Spirit all testify to it
1 Peter 1:10-12
The Incarnation of Christ is about more than just a manger. He is manifested for the joy of the world
1 John 1:1-5
Chaos is not always bad. God commands that we fully lean on Him. Israel's wanderings are a great example of good chaos.
Deuteronomy 8:1-5
A person who fancies their self religious but has no outward manifestation is one who is most deceived indeed.
James 1:26-27
Trials are only here for a little while; and then we are with Jesus. What a great comfort this should be to Christians!
1 Peter 1:1-9
God's holiness is fearful; His mercy is greater
Isaiah 6:1-7
Forget your checklist. Stop looking inside to find your justification and look to the cross for a clean conscience.
Galatians 3:1-7
God is the ultimate Blesser. We should focus less on our blessings and focus more on the Blesser Himself.
Ephesians 1:1-14
The goodness of God leads us to great philanthropic acts (good works) because He saved us from a life of sinful desires and attitudes.
Titus 3:1-8
Do you like stirring up trouble? Are you a person who likes to argue just for argument's sake? If so you may be in danger!
Titus 3:9-11
If you believe good works has nothing to do with Christianity, think again. Good works doesn't sanctify us but it proves our fruit.
Titus 3:12-15
Titus 3:1-8
Main point summary. Arc.
Ephesians 1:1-14
Galatians 1:1-5
1 Corinthians 2:6-9
It appears that the two main themes that flow out of this passage are: To His glorious praise.
Ephesians 1:3-9
Ephesians 1:3-10
Inheritors of the Crown   Again, the glory of God and Christ are the central theme in this pass...
Ephesians 1:11-14
Context This section of Hebrews 11 deals specifically with the faith of Abraham.
Hebrews 11:8-19
  Note on 1c - One may ask why I consider 1c a concessive statement.
1 Peter 1:1-5
A Brief Synopsis 7a seems to be the ground for these four verses.
1 Peter 1:6-9
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LAB 176: The Manner of Humility
1 Peter 5:6-9
Humility is submitting to God, both in trials and in the Church
Published September 24th, 2017
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Just a Few Thoughts
1 Peter 5:5-9
you who are younger,
be subject to the elders.
all of you,
Clothe yourselves, ... with humility
toward one another,
for “God opposes the proud
but gives grace to the humble.”
God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble
for this reason
Inference (v, 5)
Humble yourselves, ... (humble people rely on God's provision)
make yourself low in your own eyes
under the mighty hand of God
under whatever situation God has placed you in
so that at the proper time
for the purpose that in His own timing
he may exalt you,
He will lift you up;
[by] casting all your anxieties on him, (proud people take care of their own needs)
do this by releasing all your anxieties to Him
because he cares for you.
because He is concerned for your well-being.
Be sober- minded;
Don't be in a stupor;
be watchful.
be alert.
Your adversary ... prowls around
Your great enemy is on the hunt
like a roaring lion,
like a hungry lion
the devil
he is called the devil
seeking someone to devour (Satan loves proud people)
and he wants to eat you alive
Resist him,
Oppose him
firm in your faith,
by staying strong in your belief in Christ
knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced
understanding the reality that these are the same things going on
by your brotherhood
by your fellow Christians
throughout the world.
all around the world
Just a Few Thoughts
Humility is the key to a successful life. There appear to be two facets of humility in this passage: (1) Humility within the Church – Peter exhorts the believers to be submissive to the elders and each other. The chapter starts off with an exhortation to all the elders to govern with gentleness. Peter then includes the elders along with the rest of the congregation when he says, "Clothe yourselves with humility...towards one another." He then gives the ground for that command. It is because God resists those who are proud but lifts up those who show humility. Those leaders who are humble will show humility in their leadership, and those congregants who are humble will willingly submit to the leadership. In this sense, humility is two-way street. (2) The most interesting portion of this Scripture for me, however, was Peter's second command of humility. After finishing up his first exhortation he launches into his second using the common inference word, 'therefore.' In other words, this is the practical part of the command. The command is once again humility, but with a different aspect. This time we are told how to humble ourselves. It is found in the Means of the participle 'casting.' It seems quite odd that giving our cares over to God is a means of being humble, but in the context of of the book of 1Peter it makes absolute sense! Peter's audience were exiled. They had been driven from their homes. Some of them were being falsely accused by non-believers. They were loosing their land as well as their reputation. If there was a time to be anxious this certainly would have been it. Yet, Peter gently instructs them to cast or to hurl all of that upon God. The reason for this is simple: He cares for you. The God of the universe commands that we bring our cares and anxieties to Him and leave them there. This is a sign of humility because a proud person wants to take care of their own problems. They need no help, nor do they want it. But a humble person gladly accepts the help. Are you showing humility by submitting to your elders and bringing your cares to God? Or are you a proud person who can do on their own?
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