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Psalms 119:137-144
Are you a Bible lover?
Published October 31st, 2017
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Main point summary
Main point summary
God is Righteous, therefore His commandments are righteous. The believer is on fire for the Word, he loves righteousness of the Word, do not forget it, delight in it, and will live by it
Psalms 119:137-144
h Righteous are you, O Lord ,
Because Righteous are you, O Lord
and right are your rules.
Therefore your rules are right
You have appointed your testimonies in i righteousness
Therefore when you appoint/ command in Scripture, it is in righteousness
and in all j faithfulness.
and they (promises) will be surely kept
My k zeal consumes me,
I'm on fire for God's Word
because my foes forget your words.
Because my foes forget (do not care, despise) your words
Your promise is well l tried,
But I on the contrary love your promise (chiastic emphesis) , because it proved to be right
and your servant m loves it.
I am small and despised,
Though I'm despised and small(insignificant) in their eyes
yet I do not n forget your precepts.
Yet I do not forget your precepts
Your righteousness is righteous forever,
Your righteousness is righteous forever
and your law is o true.
and your law is true
Trouble and anguish have found me out,
Though trouble and anguish have found me
but your commandments are my p delight.
Your commandments are my delight (chiastic emphesis)
Your testimonies are righteous forever;
Your testimonies are righteous forever
q give me understanding
therefore give me understanding(I'm seeking more of the Word)
that I may r live.
so that I may live
God in His nature is Righteous
The result of the righteous character of God is that all his testimonies are r-s. could be inference
This is a disposition of the Psalmist - on fire for God, I love your promise, I do not forget it, I delight. He sees the beauty in the Word
I think the connection is between forever and live - because the testimonies are eternal - understanding them means to live forever. This is life eternal - to know God
The Scripture is right, what it says is true
The promises in Scripture will be kept by Righteous God
or commanded, God requires r-s.
Do you defend the Word of God
they hate the Word that is why they are my foes and their relation to me - they despise the lover of the Word.
their response to my love of the Word - they despise me. Which is so strange, should they not love what is true and good and faithful?
Could mean that trouble is because of his adherence to the truth of the Word.
well tried - ties to faithfulness
the faith in r-s of God guards in time of trouble
[ Do you love righteousness? We can divide this portion of the Psalm 119 in two parts - 137 to 138 - God is Righteous. Therefore His rules/commandments are righteou s; 139-144 - Response of the believer's heart to the righteousness of God - it is love. Lets take these parts one at a time. God is Righteous. Therefore His rules/commandments are righteou s; Verses 137-138 describe Who God is in His nature and acts. He is Righteous, meaning no evil can ever be found in Him. He is light and there is no darkness in His Being. He never has evil intentions, motives, no hypocrisy, no partiality, absolute purity, holiness in all His dealings with man or angels. He always does what is right. Psalmist points to two aspects of revelation of the righteous character of God. First, because in His Being He is absolute righteousness, it follows that all that he does is necessary righteous. He always act according to His character. We can say that righteousness is holiness in action. Secondly, because He is righteous, His commandments for people are righteous. His commandments contain promises, that will He always uphold to remain righteous. He will stick to His word, He upholds it and fulfills it. Response of the believer's heart to the righteousness of God - is love. Verses 139-144 could be described as a response of the believer's heart. We can call this portion - Lover of the Word's righteousness. The chiastic structure of this portion puts emphasis on 140b - the psalmist loves the righteous Word of Righteous God. He loves Righteous God. And that is a test - do you love righteousness? We all know that God is righteous. That is not the question. The question is what is the response of my heart. This love to the righteousness reveals itself in different situation: First, verses 139-140 when the Word is insulted, this love is put on fire, called zeal . This point is not hard to understand. If someone insult our wife, whom we love, we can't stand it. Our heart burst with indignation to such offence. That what happens in the heart of David. He loves the righteous Word of God. When someone insults it, the heart goes on fire. Two practical implications. The heart is on fire not because the honor of his person was insulted. NO. The heart is on fire for its Love - the righteous Word of God. The question arises - are we eager to defend the Word of God. You can see this zeal in Jesus. When He came into the temple and saw that it was prostituted, the access to God for gentiles was blocked, it worship service used for enrichment of spiritual elite, His heart was filled with zeal. We read, "The zeal of thy house hath eaten me up" BUT verses 141 and 141 also bring to light the response of the Word haters. They despise and treat with contempt the Word lover. So, expect opposition and contempt. Here Jesus again is our example. When He state that, "y ou cannot serve God and money.” The response of the Pharisees, " 14 The Pharisees, who were lovers of money, heard all these things, and they ridiculed him. " When you are ridiculed for loving the truth of the Word, do not throw the Word behind. The Word proved itself to true. Secondly, in times of trouble and anguish the Word is comfort and joy . In verse 143 believer love runs to the Word. All around is anguish but he finds his joy and delight in the Word, its truth. Its truth endures forever, so find your joy in its faithful promises. Thirdly, love seeks more of the Word. Bible lover hungers for the Word. In verse 144 David ask for more of the Word. When we are in love, we spent more time with the person, we share more. In the same way Bible Lover seeks more of the Word. He asks God to give understanding of the Word. Jeremiah writes of the same experience," Your words were found, and I ate them, and your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart " (Jer. 15:16). At last we see that the Word has life bringing effect on the life of Psalmist. He says, " ... give me understanding that I may live." Psalms 119:144 ESV ]
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