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Yahweh deserves the highest praises from the righteous for His faithfulness.
Psalms 33:1-22
How much do you trust the LORD?
Psalms 131:1-3
Who do you turn to for protection? Can you count on him?
Psalms 121:1-8
Not everyone is a child of God. Are you?
John 1:9-13
God did everything!!!
Ezekiel 36:24-28
Submit to those in authority: God appointed them. Love one another: it’s the essence of the law. Live uprightly for Jesus: the time is near.
Romans 13:1-14
Don’t go against God by resisting the governing authorities whom God Himself appointed for His purposes, submit to them.
Romans 13:1-7
Need direction on the way to life? Enter by the narrow gate!
Matthew 7:13-14
Both Adam and Eve gave way to temptation. "Many a dangerous temptation comes to us in fine gay colors, that are but skin-deep." M. Henry
Genesis 3:1-24
God designed your salvation, carried it out and made sure you persevere to the end. Praise him!
Ephesians 1:3-14
Is there hope for the discouraged? From where does this hope come?
Psalms 43:1-5
How righteous do I have to be to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?
Matthew 5:17-20
What is the right perspective regarding spiritual gifts?
Romans 12:3-8
What has standing firm got to do with worship?
Psalms 15
What are the marks of a genuinely happy person?
Psalms 1:1-6
Magnifying the law in his teachings, how did Jesus define adultery?
Matthew 5:27-30
Better together? How exactly?
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
Magnifying the law in his teachings, how did Jesus define murder?
Matthew 5:21-26
Having been restored into a right relationship with God, what can the elect expect?
Romans 8:31-39
What exactly do I have to do to fulfill the Great Commission? How am I to do it? Why should I do it?
Matthew 28:18-20
How does the Apostle Paul view a worker of God?
Titus 1:1-4
What is the essence of a transformed mind?
Romans 12:1-2
What was the apostle John's advice to first century believers with regards to heretics?
2 John 1-13
As believers, what is our responsibility to faithful ministers of the Gospel?
3 John 1-15
Are believers saved by their good works?
Ephesians 2:8-10
What should a church look for in an elder?
1 Timothy 3:1-7
How can elders faithfully carry out the task of shepherding believers entrusted to them?
1 Peter 5:1-4
Submit to authorities to silence accusers; live freely as God's slave.
1 Peter 2:13-17
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Preach the Word
2 Timothy 3:16-4:5
Why did Paul command Timothy, his apprentice pastor, to preach the Word?
Published April 14th, 2017
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Main point summary
Arcing of 2 Timothy 3:16-4:5
Main point summary
Main Point: Paul charged Timothy with five things: (1) to preach the Word, (2) to be prepared at all times, (3) to reprove, (4) to rebuke, and (5) to patiently encourage, doing all these for two reasons: (1) because the Word, having proceeded from God Himself, is the means for completely equipping a believer for every good work, and (2) because of a coming time when people will no longer listen to sound teaching.
Arcing of 2 Timothy 3:16-4:5
2 Timothy 3:16-4:5
d All Scripture is breathed out by God
All Scripture proceeds from God's own mouth
and profitable
thus , is beneficial
for teaching,
[1] for teaching what is true,
for reproof,
[2] for rebuking error,
for correction,
[3] for correcting mistakes,
and for training in righteousness,
and [4] for training towards right living,
that e the man of God 1 may be complete,
in order that the man of God may be complete,
f equipped g for every good work.
[that is ,] fully equipped for every good work.
h I charge you
[ Therefore ], I solemnly charge you
in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus,
in the presence of God and of the Messiah Jesus,
i who is to judge the living and the dead,
who will someday judge the living and the dead,
and by j his appearing and his kingdom:
and in view of his appearing and his kingdom:
preach the word;
[1] [to] preach the word;
be ready
[2] [to] be prepared
in season
[2a] whether the time is favorable
and out of season;
[2b] or not;
k reprove,
[3] [to] reprove,
[4] [to] rebuke,
and l exhort,
and [5] [to] encourage [ in this manner ],
with complete patience
[5a] with great patience
and teaching.
[5b] and careful instruction.
m For the time is coming
Because the time is coming
when people will not endure n sound 1 teaching,
when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching,
but having itching ears
but [ because ] of their insatiable curiosity to hear new things
they will accumulate for themselves teachers
[1] [ first ] they will surround themselves with teachers
to suit their own passions,
who will satisfy this desire,
and o will turn away from listening to the truth
[2] [ then ] will turn their ears away from the truth
and p wander off into myths.
[3] and [ finally ] will turn to myths.
As for you, q always be sober-minded,
But you, [1] be self-controlled at all times,
r endure suffering,
[2] bear hardship patiently,
do the work of s an evangelist,
[3] do the work of an evangelist,
t fulfill your ministry.
[4] fully carry out the duties of your ministry.
Paul's five primary commands to Timothy
The manner by which Timothy is to encourage
The many beneficial uses of the Scriptures
The progressive downfall of those who reject sound teaching
What Timothy must do in contrast to those who refuse to listen to sound teaching
Timothy is to be prepared in any circumstances.
The result of the Scriptures having come directly from God's mouth: it is beneficial for completely equipping believers for every good work.
The first reason for Paul's commands to Timothy
The second reason for Paul's commands to Timothy
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