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Psalm 34:1-3
Praise God! Alone, Shared and Together
Published November 13th, 2018
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Psalms 34:1-3
I will bless the Lord p at all times;
I will recount God's goodness, faithfulness, holiness, might, etc in my words to Him perpetually. in any and all circumstances
his praise shall continually be in my mouth.
IN OTHER WORDS my exaltation of God will always be at the tip of my tongue , my speech filled to the brim, my mind obsessed with it
My soul q makes its boast in the Lord ;
My inward being is awe-filled to the expression of boasting in the worth and transcendence of God (not pridefully seeing self)
let the humble hear
RESULTING IN the heart of the contrite to resound at the familiar song
and r be glad.
FURTHERMORE eliciting rejoicing in the boasting of our God
Oh, s magnify the Lord with me,
I beckon the humble to join me in exalting God
and let us exalt his name together!
THAT IS let us mutually lift high His name.
Do I feel isolated from meaningful relationships with other believers? Does it sometimes feel like my connections with people at church is of no more substance than a hobby? How do I develop meaningful, God-honoring, mutually edifying relationships? What honors God more than brothers and sisters in Christ raising cheering voices to their God? People who cannot say enough about how awesome and lifted high He is. Bubbling, loud, perpetual. Sounds like a Sunday morning ideal that never seems to make it into my "real" life. Love the progression here! 1. The necessary foundation - verse 1, "I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my nouth" Praise, blessing, gratitude, thanksgiving...all originate as a God-initiated and sustained work in my heart. I must first and foremost take my thoughts captive and actively praise my God within my own heart and mind. a. in all circumstances - Through abundance and want, praise befits the upright. Looking at David's occasion for this Psalm, leads me to ponder his response to difficult times. Playing the part of a mad man in his flight from Saul, David was in a very desperate situation, yet he blesses the Lord "at all times." How often do I put conditions on my praises to God? What graces of God do I forfeit when I stop recounting His goodness and faithfulness? b. continual ly - Not only ought I to praise God in every kind of situation, but also in a perpetual, at-the-tip of my tongue kind of daily filling that spills out. When I lay down or rise up, walking in the way and sitting down, praise permeating everything I do. 2. The God-granted result - verse 2, "My soul makes its boast int he LORD, Let the humble here and be glad" Praising God is like a authenticity test. Those whom God had opened eyes will hear it and be glad. The boasting in God is contrasted by the humility of the one praising. Having ears to hear the praise also elicits joy in the heart. 3. The relational response - verse 3, "Oh, magnify the Lord with me, Let us exalt His name together." Perpetually personal praise and joyful hearing lead to mutual exaltation. As we praise God together, we lift His name higher and higher. Each helping the other see more and more glories. Together we can exalt His name higher than we can do alone. What a grace! To be granted a heart to praise God and to be blessed to have relationships with others that are centered on the one, truth that endures: God!
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