Group subscriptions
Save up to 75% off subscriptions through group pricing. Great for academic institutions, ministry organizations, Bible study groups, churches...and even families. Group subscriptions are purchased on an annual basis and easy to facilitate.
How does it work?
A group subscription is effectively a bulk purchase of annual subscriptions which you distribute to the Biblearc users (new and old) of your choosing. Take a look at the example below for more on how this works.
2-9 subscriptions 40% off
10-39 subscriptions 56% off
40-99 subscriptions 65% off
100+ subscriptions 75% off
You do not have any group subscription purchases.
Example Bible Institute, Arcing class
20 annual subscriptions
Email me a receipt copy
18 participant slots remain
Action code: AU7-92W
Anyone with this action code can participate in this group subscription. Users click the “Code” link toward the bottom of the main menu in order to enter this action code. Alternatively, we can send unique links to participants.
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Fake User 1
Annual subscription starting 11/27/2022
Fake User 2
Annual subscription starting 11/23/2022
Can an existing user with a subscription participate in my group subscription? What happens when they do so?
Yes. We will add on an additional year to the end of the user’s present subscription. If they have monthly billing set up, that monthly billing will automatically be cancelled since they now have their subscription through the group.
What happens when someone’s group subscription expires?
The user’s subscription will go inactive and they will receive an email alerting them to this. They will not lose any of their work.
Can I change the size of my group subscription after I have purchased it?
No. However, note the following two related questions and answers.
What happens if not all my group’s participation slots are used right away?
Group subscription participation slots never expire and always entitle participants to a full year subscription. Thus, if someone becomes a participant in your group subscription months after you make the purchase, they will receive an entire year’s subscription from that point on.
Can I increase the number of users in my group subscription after making the purchase?
No. However, you can purchase multiple group subscriptions. And effectively there is no difference between purchasing a single 8-user group subscription and purchasing two 4-user group subscriptions. The difference comes into play only when making a single purchase would put you in a less expensive price bracket.
Can I pay for a group subscription on a monthly basis?
No. To keep things simple, clear and the most cost-effective, group subscription are only purchased on an annual basis.
How can I share the group subscription cost with my group participants?
There is no built-in way to do this. Rather, group subscriptions must be purchased by a single user. Any sharing will need to be facilitated between you and your friends.
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