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Paraphrase—Reading Toward a Better Understanding
The Biblearc Paraphrase course will help students improve their personal study of Scripture by developing skills in careful reading, discerning the main point, creating an outline, and writing a summary and paraphrase. The course will acquaint students with a variety of tools and methods involved in each discipline and will provide guided practice aimed at honing these skills. As paraphrasing is itself a tool for (and a test of) understanding, the ultimate aim is that students grow in the sound handling of Scripture. This means study rooted in prayerful meditation, leading to an accurate understanding, which then stirs a heartfelt treasuring, which prompts an eager obedience to the Word of God.
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Phrasing—Tracing the Arguments of Scripture
The Biblearc Phrasing course will teach students how to wrap their minds around a passage of Scripture by going through the Five Passes of Phrasing.  This includes dividing up the text of Scripture into its smallest grammatical units, indenting those units and drawing arrows between them to show relationships, labelling those relationships, and applying the main points of the passage to their lives.

This close and detailed grammatical study will lead to an accurate understanding of the author’s original intent in a passage, which we pray will culminate in joyful treasuring of and heartfelt obedience to Jesus Christ.
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Bracketing—Determining Main Point and Structure
This course lays out the foundational concepts and structures necessary to begin using the Bracketing Bible study method. Its aim is to equip students to find the main point of a text and to see how its propositions fit together, to the end of knowing God through the better understanding of his word. We will take a hands-on approach to learning as we work through the first chapter of Philippians together.
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Arcing—Learning the Logic of the Bible
This course lays out the foundational concepts and structures necessary to begin using the Arcing Bible study method. Arcing has been well-tested and found to be an excellent tool for digging deep in God's Word. Join us in a study that will challenge you to think harder and dive way below the surface as we work through the first chapter of James together.
Also available in Español.
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Didactics—Preparing a Teaching from an Arc, Bracket or Phrase
This course equips men with principles and insights on how to turn an arc, bracket or phrase into a teaching. Such Bible study methods are excellent tools for getting at the meaning of a text of Scripture, and yet training is still needed to properly and powerfully convey that meaning to others. Join us as we wrestle through aspects of authority and application, context and decisions, genres and cultures—in hopes of growing as faithful stewards of the word of God.
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Greek—Learning the Language of the New Testament
This course seeks to equip students with the ability to read and understand the NT in Koine Greek, its original language. It’s aimed at students who don’t have any knowledge of Greek, and it intends to take them from that starting point to an ability to read and translate all non-verb elements of Koine Greek as well as non-finite verbs (finite verbs will be introduced in Greek II). The course emphasizes reading the NT in Greek, learning the fundamentals of Greek grammar well, and equipping students to use Greek in order to understand and teach the NT better. In all of this, the course seeks to magnify Jesus through the NT in its original language. 
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Hebrew—An Introduction to Reading the Old Testament
This course takes a unique approach to learning Biblical Hebrew, utilizing worship songs in Hebrew as the basis for learning. By immersing ourselves in Hebrew songs, absorbing vocabulary and studying grammar becomes more of a joyful activity and less of a chore. This method also directs our study of Biblical Hebrew straight to its end goal from the start—to glorify the God who has given us his priceless word. Thus, the aim of this course is to take someone without any knowledge of Hebrew and to equip them to begin reading and understanding (and singing) the text.
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When will all fifteen of the Path Courses be available?
Our plan is to add a new course every few months and so release all fifteen Path Courses in 2016-2019.
Should I take the Path Courses in order?
The Path Courses are ordered left-to-right from most basic to most complex. That being said, everyone is welcome to take any available Path Course along the spectrum unless a specific prerequisite is listed. We recognize that people with all different experience and proficiency in Bible study take our courses and therefore have tried to provide options that will allow everyone to take a step forward in their path to deeper study of the Word.
When do courses begin?
Right now! A key problem that we set out to solve with Path Courses is how to create online courses that are both interactive and convenient. What we came up with is a system which leverages personal instructor feedback, group discussions and community chat to create a guided, interconnected learning experience while retaining the convenience of beginning whenever you are ready.
Are scholarships available for Path Courses?
If you live in a developing country and are unable to enroll without a scholarship, we invite you to contact us with your request.