Bracketing—Determining Main Point and Structure
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About this course
This course lays out the foundational concepts and structures necessary to begin using the Bracketing Bible study method. Its aim is to equip students to find the main point of a text and to see how its propositions fit together, to the end of knowing God through the better understanding of his word. We will take a hands-on approach to learning as we work through the first chapter of Philippians together.
Andy Hubert
child of God / husband / father / creator of Biblearc / teacher / programmer
Michael Lane
Brent Karding
servant of Jesus / husband / dad / preacher / musician / teacher @ Biblearc
Josué Pineda
hijo de Dios | esposo | padre | pastor y maestro | instructor y desarrollador de recursos @ Biblearc
Joe McCulley
Joe and his wife live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he is an MDiv student at Bethlehem Seminary.
Nate Davidson
Husband, dad, pastor, and Biblearc instructor- I am a blessed follower of the King who calls sinners
An online, interactive course
Path courses are designed to lead you deeper in your study of Scripture through academic rigor and a heart of worship. We have laid out fifteen different courses along the entire spectrum of Bible study training so that there might be something for everyone—both new believers and veteran pastors, stay-at-home moms and missionaries. These courses are conveniently online with creative interactive components to help you persevere to the end within a fellowship that covers the globe. You may also take advantage of personal interaction with course instructors in a variety of ways. Finally, path courses are built so as to equip you in using Biblearc's extensive Bible study toolbox while you learn to discover biblical glories for yourself.
About the “putting it together” series
On the foundation of keen observation skills and biblical interpretation principles, this series puts the focus on the central study objective of our efforts—discerning what the text means. Included here are the preferred Bible study methods of some of the best Bible teachers of our day—methods that help us see how texts grammatically and logically connect, taught in a way so that any serious Christian can learn.
From former students
“This course is essential in digging deeper into the Word of God and determining the main point of the passage.” —Jason Ogden
“Within the first few weeks, this course positively influenced my Bible study preparation. Instead of just relying on commentaries straight out of the gate, I determined major themes and logical flow of the text on my own, which gave me a fuller understanding of the passage I was preparing to teach. Highly recommended!” —Eric Zavaleta
“Through this course, I have gained a greater understanding of how God is communicating through his word by grasping argument, the flow of the text and the main points of the passage. I would highly recommend this course.” —Schaun Norman
“I have been a lay pastor for 30 years and have been to a number of different teaching and preaching seminars, but this is by far the more helpful.” —Bruce Williams
“Bracketing is especially helpful in breaking down the argument being made the Pauline epistles, and will be a useful tool to help the student or the preacher find the hermeneutical main point of any given text.” —fredyorozco
“Bracketing has helped me see the logic the authors use to present their arguments. It has helped me think deeply about what the message of the passage truly is and the implications for my life.” —Jessica Davis
“This is an astonishing resource! How characteristic of the Kingdom that gold, silver, and precious stones would be here just waiting to be discovered.” —Scott Somerville
“It's fueled my hunger for the word of God.” —Juan Torres
“Bracketing really is a great way to take apart a passage and figure out the purpose of every last line within it. It's easy to skim over things you don't understand while reading through a complicated part of the text, and I've found that bracketing really forces me to stop and figure out just what the original author was trying to say.” —Spencer Tofts
“If you love God's word and want to correctly understand and interpret it correctly then this is a course for you. It will start you out with the basics and build up your skills and by the end of it you will feel confident enough to venture out on your own. The cherry on top is that this isn't just a cerebral course; on top of the academics there is solid teaching and devotionals that will grow you in your walk with Christ and in your progress toward bracketing.” —Darren Adams
“Biblearc has brought clarity and amazing insights to my study of God's word” —GraceHasCome
“This bracketing course has helped me understand how to systematically derive the logic of a text. I can't wait to teach my friends how to use the tools.” —Martin Ricquebourg
“Bracketing has helped me tremendously in my ability to soak in the text in a thoughtful way. It has given me tools to incorporate when wrestling with a text on my own to determine the author's intent.” —Patrick Anthony
“BibleArc has given me seminary-caliber teaching, but with a pace, ease, and cost that is more suited to those of us not serving in full-time ministry.” —dhendren
“Its a very good course . I really enjoyed the whole experience. Anyone who values bible study will learn a lot and love the course.” —johnhorn
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Path courses all end with an evaluation to determine your grasp of the Bible study method and material covered. Students who pass the evaluation have their Biblearc account marked with a proficiency badge indicating their accomplishment. Successfully passing an evaluation requires a high degree of understanding and is meant to serve as a motivation to take your study seriously as well as a catalyst to improve the standard of Bible research in the Biblearc community. Each evaluation attempt requires an evaluation credit. Evaluation credits come with all paid path course enrollment types and also can be purchased individually for $5.
This course is currently available in English only.
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