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Hebrew—An Introduction to Reading the Old Testament
About this course
Lesson 1: The alphabet
Review (step 8 of 8)
Be encouraged!

You have completed the first lesson of this course—that is wonderful. Before moving on to your first assignment, take a moment to pause and check that you were able to properly ingest all the material that we covered. Sing the songs one more time, quiz yourself on the vocabulary we have learned (which covers an astounding 20% of the words in the תנ״ך!), and run through the review outline to make sure everything makes sense.
Introducing Quizlets

Throughout this course “Quizlets” like the one below are made available in order to review the vocabulary in a lesson, prepare for a reading or master the forms of a paradigms. This is a very powerful tool which you would be wise to make good use of. Make special note of the study mode options in the bottom-right corner of the Quizlets. We start you off with flashcards, but you may want to make use of the match and learn modes as well. 
What we learned this lesson
  1. The Hebrew alphabet
    • Letters with two different sounds: כ ,ב and פ
    • שׁ and שׂ are actually different letters
    • Letters with a distinct final form: פ ,נ ,מ ,כ and צ
    • Letters which can act like vowels: י ,ו and ה
  2. The vowels
    • Either like the e in red or in grey: אֱ אֶ אֵ
    • Like the a in aqua: אֲ אַ אָ
    • Like the ee in green: אִ
    • Like the o in yellow: אֳ אָ אׂ
    • Like the ue in blue: וּ אֻ
    • Silent (or a very short e sound): אְ
  3. Gutturals prefer a-class vowels
  4. Hebrew versification at times differs from the English versification
Messianic Musicals

Lastly, each lesson of this course ends with something fun an encouraging. We have interviewed leaders and volunteers of various Christian organizations in Israel in order to present you with a taste of what God is doing among the Body of Messiah here. It is our hope and prayer that these videos serve to promote prayer for the advance of the Kingdom in Israel and the unity of Christians worldwide.

First up, wonderful musicals put on every other year by The Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel.

(Be sure to turn on closed captions for an English translation.)
Below are two clips from the musicals.
If you are interested in purchasing a DVD of one of these musicals, you can do so here. Look for the “Messianic Musicals” section.