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Hebrew—An Introduction to Reading the Old Testament
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Lesson 7: Prefixes, suffixes and construct form
Review (step 9 of 9)
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  1. Types of prefixes
    • conjunction וְ = and
    • article הַ = the
    • prepositions
      • בְּ = in, with, when
      • לְ = to, of, at
      • כְּ = as, like
      • מִ = from, than (a form of the stand-alone word מִן)
      • ל, ב and כ possess an a-class vowel when they absorb the article
    • relative שֶׁ = that, which
    • interrogative הֲ = do?, does?, will?
  2. Types of suffixes
    • pronoun
      • attached to nouns = possession
      • attached to verbs = direct object
      • can attach to בְּ or לְ alone, without a base word
    • directional ה = to...
    • paragogic ה or ן = [no meaning]
    • demonstrative pronouns — words like this, that, these and those
  3. Construct chains
    • English equivalent to combining words with “of”
    • pronoun suffixes are a type of construct
    • entire construct chain is definite if the final word in the chain is definite
    • all words in the chain (except the last) appear in “construct form”
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