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Hebrew—An Introduction to Reading the Old Testament
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Lesson 8: Prepositions, conjunctions and more
Review (step 8 of 8)
What we learned this lesson
  1. Stand-alone prepositions
    • אַחַר  after
    • אֵל  toward
    • אֵצֶל  near, beside
    • אֵת  with
    • בֵּין  between
    • בַּעַד  on behalf of
    • לִפְנֵי  before (formed from לְ + פָּנִים, but functions as a single prepositions)
    • מִן  from
    • מִפְּנֵי  from, due to (formed from מִ + פָּנִים, but functions as a single prepositions)
    • עַד  until
    • עַל  upon, regarding
    • עִם  with
    • תַּחַת  under, in place of
    • many of these can take a pronoun suffix, sometimes with a י inserted before the suffix
  2. Stand-alone conjunctions
    • אוֹ  or
    • אָז  then (technically an adverb)
    • אִם  if
    • כִּי  because, that
    • יַעַן  because
    • לְמַעַן  in order (formed from לְ + מַעַן, but functions as a single conjunction)
    • עוֹד  while
    • פֵּן  lest
    • never possessing prefixes or suffixes
  3. אֵת (the particle)
    • introduces a definite direct object
    • untranslatable to English
    • can take a pronoun suffix
  4. לֹא and אַל
    • negate verbs (i.e. “not”)
    • לֹא is used with finite verbs
    • אַל is used with verbs of command
  5. הִנֵּה
    • “behold!”
    • an interjection, functioning as an attention-getter
    • not grammatically connected to other words in the sentence
    • can take a pronoun suffix
  6. יֵשׁ and אַיִן
    • “there is” and “there is not”
    • not verbs, but they do carry a verbal force
    • can take a pronoun suffix
The vocab and songs we learned
Grace and Truth

We have already looked at a number of wonderful ministry organizations in Israel in the previous review lessons. But, of course, the center of ministry in Israel and throughout the world is the church itself. Thus, we would love to introduce you to our local congregation and share some of the Lord’s work we have the pleasure to be involved in.

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