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Hebrew—An Introduction to Reading the Old Testament
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Lesson 10: Studying the Hebrew Bible
Review (step 9 of 9)
Exam preparation

We have come to the final lesson step of this course before your final assignment and the course evaluation. The course evaluation is open-book with all the tools of Biblearc and other Bible software available for you to use. What it will require of you is a broad enough handle on the vocab and paradigms so as not to need to look up every word and parsing (which you will not have time to do), a strong grasp of the grammar concepts we have covered in this course, and a particular familiarity with the Hebrew text behind all the songs you have learned. And therefore, preparing should be simple.
  1. Work on the vocab (see below)
  2. Review the paradigms
  3. Re-examine the review outline at the end of each lesson (and go back over unclear concepts)
  4. Know and understand all nineteen songs of the course
All the vocab

Use this final quizlet to review all the words learned in this course. Together they account for over 70% of the words appearing in the תנ״ך!