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Hebrew—An Introduction to Reading the Old Testament
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Lesson 3: Verbs—imperfect
כְּאַיָּל (step 4 of 9)
A song of meditation

If you have felt overwhelmed by the number of words in the last couple songs, this song will encourage you. It is very simple and very beautiful, built around a single verse (Psalm 42:2) that expresses soul-longing for God.

And, as you may expect, it contains an imperfect verb. See if you can spot and parse the verb the first time listening to the song, and then listen several more times until you know each and every word and its meaning.
The vocab

There are only five new words to learn for this song.
stag, deer (noun)
to long for (verb)
channel [of water] (noun)
water (noun)
Only appears in plural form, never as singular מַיִ
so, yes (adverb)
Live performance video

Now that you know the words, you may enjoy worshipping together with the singers and musicians who recorded this song. However, please do not use the closed captions as the Hebrew words are transliterated there. This may be easier for you at this point, but will in the end prove to be a counter-productive crutch as you learn to read the Hebrew characters more fluidly.